Student Storage

UB Student Storage is available to all UB Students.  Currently we are taking reservations for the extended storage period.  Storage drop-off are available now.  For the schedule below.

Only $40 per item for the remainder of the semester AND the entire Summer. We even provide your with the 24" x 24" x 16" box included in the price!  That's 5.3 cubic feet of storage!

Compare to our competition at $61 for up to only 4.125 cubic feet and over $90 for a 6 cubic foot box.  And they have to load your stuff on a moving truck back and forth.  

All items are stored On-Campus in climate controlled and secure locations.  Items can be dropped off right in the storage area so you know it was handled correctly and not loaded and unloaded several times.  You can even see where your items will be stored.

Most items can be picked-up right in your building making it fast and convenient.

You can store almost anything.  Refrigerators, Trunks, Boxes and more.  

Example of items you can store for only $40.

Plastic Drawers
Plastic Tote
Duffel Bag
Laundry Basket

The Elli (Ellicott Complex/Greiner)
- Fri. 3/20 - Sun. 3/22 -9am-2pm
- Mon. 3/23 - Fri. 3/27 - 9am-8pm
- Sat. 3/28 & Sun. 3/29 - 11am-8pm

The Cellar/Teddy’s (Governors Complex)
- Fri. 3/20 - 11am-7pm;
- Sun. 3/22 - Sun. 3/29 11am-7pm

Goodyear/Main. St. Market (Goodyear/Clement)
- Wed.3/18 - Fri. 3/20 - 10am-4pm
- Sat. 3/21 & Sun. 3/22 - 10am-8pm